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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does the Ensemble wear?

We normally wear all black dress clothes (black dress shirt, black dress pants/skirt, black dress shoes.) We are able to wear formal black clothing (Tuxedos, long black dresses) on request. Formal Attire not available during summer months, unless indoors.


2. Is there a deposit?

There is a $100 deposit and $35 administration fee. The $100 deposit

it is added to your final balance. The $35 administration fee is not added to your final balance.


3. How much space does the ensemble need?

We need enough space to fit chairs for each member of the ensemble. We will bring our own music stands. We will need chairs without arms provided for us. We can fit under a 10x10 tent.


4. What time does the ensemble usually arrive at my ceremony site?

We normally arrive 30 minutes before the prelude music begins.


5. Will there be a Piedmont Strings member at my rehearsal the day before?

Normally we don't attend the rehearsal. We are able to judge how long to play the song by the length of the aisle and the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. We are able to fade out and end tastefully when each entrance is over. If you'd feel more comfortable with one of us at the rehearsal we can come, but it will cost an additional $100 per Piedmont Strings member to attend wedding rehearsals within 60 minutes of Atlanta. We do not attend rehearsals outside of the 60 minute radius.


6. Will you play outdoor weddings?

Yes. We play many outdoor weddings! Direct sunlight can damage our expensive instruments (broken seams, cracked wood, broken strings, etc.) If your ceremony is in a sunny location we will need something to provide us with shade so we can keep our instruments safe. In addition, our instruments cannot be exposed to water (rain, fountains, or extreme humidity.) Some sort of covering is necessary if there is a risk of rain (a canopy, porch, tent, overhang, etc.) We will be more than happy to work to find a solution to any possible issues concerning your particular venue. We also rent a tent that we can perform under for $65. Please indicate whether or not you will need to rent the tent and we will add it into your contract.


7. Do you use microphones/amplification?

Normally we do not require microphones or amplification. If your wedding or event is over 200 guests, is outside or at a very large venue we recommend upgrading to the Amplification Package ($350). For most average size weddings we do not require amplification. 


6. Do I need to know my ceremony song list when I book?

Nope! You will need to input us your song list at least 1 month before your ceremony using this link ( We will need choose the following songs:


Mothers/Grandmothers Entrance Song:

Bridesmaids Entrance Song:

Bridal Entrance Song:

Recessional Song:


We can offer suggestions if you are having trouble deciding. Please visit our "Repertoire" page for an updated list of our music.


8. What if I want a song that is not listed on your "Repertoire" page?

We are more than happy to make a custom arrangement of any song that you would like. We charge $75 per custom arrangement. This can be added to your final balance. Please visit our "repertoire" section of the website for a complete list of our repertoire. We have a pretty extensive list so custom arrangements are fairly rare.


9. Are there any hidden fees?

Our travel fees are listed on our "Services" page. We require a $100 deposit that is added to your final balance. We also require a $35 administration fee that is not added to your final balance. The $100 deposit and $35 administration fee are due at the time of booking. If you choose to have us make a custom arrangement of a song that's not on our repertoire list the cost is $75 per custom arrangement. If you need to rent a tent for us to play under (for outdoor weddings) the rental fee is $65.00


10. If I have a family member or friend who would like to sing at the wedding will you accompany them?

Yes! We would be more than happy to collaborate with any musician of your choice. We will most likely require them to attend our warm-up rehearsal about 45 minutes before Prelude Music starts the day of your wedding. We also recommend that they provide us with sheet music.


11. What if a member of Piedmont Strings gets sick the day of my wedding?

When you sign your contract, you are guaranteed a member of Piedmont Strings or a substitute of equal or greater ability on the same instrument.


12. When is my final balance due?

We require the final balance the day of the wedding, or before. It is best to give the final payment in the form of a check, cash, or money order to a wedding planner/coordinator, or a bridesmaid to give to us since you will be very busy the day of your wedding!


13. What is your cancellation policy?

In the event that a client needs to cancel our services, they will not be required to pay the remaining balance up until 2 weeks before the ceremony. For cancellations within 2 weeks before the ceremony, the total balance will still be paid by the date the outstanding balance was originally due. The $100 deposit and $35 administration fee will not be refunded in either scenario.  


14. Can I hear you live?

As of right now the only performances we have scheduled are private weddings. We have a number of sound clips on our website so you can hear us as a quartet playing some of the most popular current wedding songs. 

15. Are you LGBT friendly?

Absolutely!  We believe that Love is LOVE!

16. Can I book an event for 2025 and beyond?

Of course!  We are currently accepting request for the 2024 and 2025.  Please email us at to see our 2025 rates. 




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